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Is not a secret that The job market has been through big upheavals in 2020, that impacted most of the industries, creating a big demand for some and a lack of opportunities for others.

The healthcare system is under a lot of pressure and a growth in parcel delivery during COVID-19, these two key factors are  shaping the most-needed roles in Australia right now.

This table, taken from an article of Seek, will show you the 20 most-needed roles, plus what employers in these industries will be looking for in applications.

Most-needed jobs Current rank Change since Feb
Nursing-All roles 1 0
Warehousing, Storage & Distribution 2 +4
Aged & Disability Support 3 +5
Automotive Trades 4 +3
Administrative Assistants 5 -3
Sales Representatives / Consultants 6 -3
Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation 7 +2
Childcare & Outside School Hours Care 8 +4
Chefs / Cooks 9 -4
Retail Assistants 10 0
Developers / Programmers 11 -7
Mining – Engineering & Maintenance 12 +2
Labourers 13 +12
Road Transport 14 +12
Psychology, Counselling & Social Work 15 +9
Dental 16 +17
Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services 17 +22
Plant & Machinery Operators 18 +20
Business / Systems Analysts 19 -8
Mining – Operations 20 +8

COVID-19 and the new demand for workers

It is known for everyone that Nursing roles topped the list of roles in highest demand as Australia confronts this health crisis, says Ivan Colhoun, Chief Economist at NAB.

“Some front line workers in hospitals and aged care may also be dropping out of the industry because of the strain,” he says.

Healthcare aside, lock down restrictions led to a lift in online sales, and this may have contributed to growth in the need for road transport roles to deliver more parcels to people’s homes, Colhoun says.

“There was more online activity with many stores having to close their doors and increase their e-commerce focus,” he says. “That has a flow-on effect for logistics as well, as more people are needed for warehousing and then for home delivery.”


What does it mean for you?

If you’re looking for your next role in Healthcare or Transport & Logistics, there may be more opportunities coming your way. But you may still face strong competition, so how can you make your application stand out?

When applying for healthcare roles, Dan Hobson, Director of Hobson Health Recruitment, suggests that you highlight your genuine commitment to supporting the health of others. Healthcare workers play an incredibly vital role during this pandemic, Hobson explains, “Especially in nursing sectors such as aged care, community care and emergency departments or ICU,” he says. “Also, showcase all the skills you’ve developed during your career,” he adds, recommending you don’t leave out any vital information that could support your application.

To stand out for roles in Road Transport or Warehousing, Storage & Distribution, Tim James, Managing Director of Hays, says there are key qualities to highlight in your next application.

“Highlighting achievements that demonstrate an improvement in efficiencies, such as forecast accuracy, labour management and on-time delivery, along with examples of how you have reduced operating costs, will help you stand out from the crowd,” he says.

“Employers are also seeking strong stakeholder management skills, as the ability to challenge the status quo and traditional behaviours will be key as organisations adapt and optimise supply chains,” adds James. “Specific projects and change management experience will assist you in demonstrating competence.” (Information taken from Seek Jobs Interview).


A big shot for International Students


Most of the top 20 needed jobs are certainly related with most of the academic options that students preferred, so we consider that despite this gap created thanks to COVID-19 you still have a big opportunity to find the right job for you in Australia. For the ones that are still thinking what to study this is your chance to have a look at what it comes to be the most important roles.

We can also see how Chefs, Childcare, Automotive, Sales and business Management keep it up the top. You still have lots of educational options who definitively will boost your career in this country.

For more information about Nursing Courses, Aged care, social work, Business Management, childcare, automotive and more, please check our offers and get in contact with us.

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